Simulation software EDA engineer

Job description:

1. Development of relevant modules of RF filter simulation design platform based on ADS or AWR platform;

2. Development of SAW COM simulation model, development of FEM-BEM simulation model;

3. Development of test data analysis and evaluation, yield evaluation and improvement related software; development of other related software tools for filter design;


1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, acoustics, software engineering and other majors; based in Wuxi;

2. Proficiency in one or more programming tools such as C++, MATLAB, python;

3. Familiar with EDA simulation software such as ADS, CAD, L-Edit;

4. Experience in RF circuit design such as SAW/BAW is preferred;

5. Fluent foreign language reading and writing skills, strong team awareness.

Senior filter design engineer

Job description:

1. Responsible for the design and development of new filter products to meet customer needs, including product acoustics, electromagnetic simulation, performance optimization, etc.;

2. According to the design rules, responsible for the layout design of new products, arranging tape-out and trial production;

3. Responsible for PCB board design and electrical performance evaluation of new products, generate corresponding specifications and deliver to customers;

4. Complete the mass production of new products, and provide support and analysis for the later yield rate;

5. Other work related to product design.


1. Electronics, microelectronics related majors, bachelor or master degree or above; based in Hefei/Wuxi;

2. More than 3 years experience in SAW, BAW filter, duplexer design;

3. Familiar with relevant RF simulation software, such as ADS, AWR, autoCAD, etc.;

4. Familiar with test equipment such as network analyzers;

5. Teamwork spirit, good communication skills;

6. English can be used as the working language, and know Japanese is preferred.

Advanced Device R&D Engineer

Job description:

1. According to the development direction of the RF front-end industry, responsible for the research and development of advanced filters. Including but not limited to TC-SAW, TF-SAW, FBAR, BAW, XBAR, etc.;

2. Development and feasibility assessment of advanced filter industry;

3. Simulation and research of advanced filters;

4. Development and evaluation of piezoelectric material suppliers, advanced process and packaging suppliers;

5. Development of advanced filter process.


1. PhD. degree in materials, microelectronics, semiconductors or other related majors or a master's degree with research experience in related fields, and those with relevant industry experience are preferred;

2. Familiar with COMSAL and other electromagnetic field and physical field simulation software;

3. Familiar with microelectronic device analysis methods and reliability testing;

4. Familiar with semiconductor manufacturing process, materials or related processes.